Internal Communication

The imperative need for an Internal Communication Strategy

It’s Monday, your employee is rushing to his seat. What is the first thing you want him to see: An upcoming event everyone is looking forward to or last week’ s report putting folks on the defensive? Let us skip the rhetoric and appreciate the inherent need for a sound Internal Communication strategy, something our platform has been helping firms with.

Building Credibility through Objective Communication

The first step to better Internal Communication is to make every Communication shared objective. This will build a perception of relevance and with relevance comes credibility. This process of building credibility can be accelerated by our simple and uncomplicated Internal Communication tool.

Common Challenges

Employees Challenge

Employees are not purpose driven

Employees Feeling

Employees feeling Ignored at work

Employees Collaboration

Lack of collaboration between employees

How do these challenges affect the workplace?

Obsolete Intranets that many firms continue using creates a communication gap. Without the essential Internal Communication, teams will be at a loss to prioritize tasks. With work all over the place, employees will feel ignored. Star performers will leave the firm because their work goes unrecognized.

How Hubfly Helps

Hubfly Responsive

Reach every employee, anytime anywhere

Publish news & events in a jiffy. Share news to specific users, departments or locations. Informed employees are engaged employees.

Let your employees feel being part of the company

Conduct periodic Surveys to show your employees that their opinions matter in shaping important decisions. Help them share Ideas, comments and likes on any communication shared.

Hubfly Polls
Hubfly Communities

Encourage collaboration for a positive work culture

Provide your employees with a platform to discuss their problems, find solutions & share best practices. Strengthen professional development & improve productivity.

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