Boost your Productivity with a 3 Way Internal Communication Strategy

Top Down Approach

Top-Down Communication

Top-Down Communication is how the leadership team provides focus, direction and motivation.

Employee Communications

Bottom-Up Communication

Bottom-Up Communication helps the leadership team to take better, more informed decisions.

Peer to Peer Communication

Peer-Peer Communication

Peer-Peer Communication inspires collaboration and healthy competition.

See how a 3 way communication strategy can help your organization in improving the morale of employees and achieving better productivity.

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Help your employees feel appreciated through Instant Recognition Programs

Top Down

Top Down

A public recognition or acknowledgement goes a long way in making employees feel valued.

Peer to Peer

Peer to Peer

Peer recognition motivates engagement and increase retention by creating meaningful workplaces.

Know how you can retain top performing employees by instant recognition.

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Fully loaded with features to improve internal communication and employee engagement

Hubfly News

Share news with the entire company or target specific groups or departments. Let you employees collaborate on what you post.


Let your employees know of the important events happening around.

Employee Survey

Get the feedback of your employees to help you in better decision making.


Enable your employees to share knowledge as stories/blogs on specific topics. Build the knowledge base of your company.


Recognize your best employees by bringing them to the limelight, highlight birthdays & anniversaries of your employees.


Send out important information to all employees or a group immediately, anywhere anytime.

Company Calendar

A shared calendar to mark important dates.

Social Intranet
Social Hub

Get your employees aware of all your external communications. All your social channels in one place..

Quick Links

A quick access to all the important information your employees need.

Document Management
Document Management

Documents that you created, shared with others and shared to you; All your day to day documents at your reach.

Employee Directory
People Directory

Find employees within your company based on name, email, location, department, job title, skills & more.


Bring employees together to a common platform where they can have their questions answered, discussions on specific topics & engage with others.

Idea Management
Ideation Management

A powerful platform allowing your employees to contribute ideas to the improvement of your company.

Team Sites

Give the power of collaboration to individual teams. Team specific content and communicaiton at one place.

Employee Profile
Employee Profile

A profile page showing how engaged the employee is and the recognitions that he received.

Employee Recognition Rewards
Rewards & Recognition

Recognize employees for a job well done & reward them with points and badges.

Peer to Peer Recognition
Praise your Peer

A peer recognition system bringing about a positive culture to your organization & improving employee productivity.


A market place to buy, sell, exchange and give-away things.

Employee Leaderboard

Using leaderboards are said to tap psychological & emotional drive there by boosting employee engagement & productivity.

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