Employees treat traditional Intranets like a museum, visiting it once a month. Hubfly’s Employee Engagement platform offers tools for employees to proactively collaborate and engage, working towards a common goal.

The company sometimes feels the need restricted information access to a specific group/department. There are instances where the news and events are relevant only to a few departments. Hubfly understands such requirements and caters to them with simple alterations at its back end.

Hubfly’s collaborative workspace creates a feeling of working under the same roof with a seamless content management system which makes content location specific while helping the employees see the big picture by making them understand how they fit in.
The organization admins can share information specific to upcoming events on the Home Page with the touch of a button, literally.

Your heroes can be recognized in the space on the platform called Spotlight. Instead of confining his fame to just a few people in his team, now the entire firm will get to know him.

Hubfly’s Employee Engagement Platform allows users to search for co-workers by name. If by chance the user needs to contact a person from another department, Hubfly eases the hunt by enabling department-based employee search.

By associating each contribution with a number, the engagement score is calculated. Both the individual scores in each activity like blogs, ideation and the like, and the total engagement scores account for badges, praises and recognition. All these scores reflect in the Leaderboard. The HRs of firms sometimes use it for appraisal purposes.

Corporate Intranets often end up like that PC with the obsolete Operating System taking up space and stacking up dust. That is why Hubfly gives you Intelligence reports providing you real time data of how many of your employees actually use the Intranet.

There are two pricing options available:

Upto 250 employees:

Annual Subscription: $2500/year

Monthly Subscription: $250/month

More than 250 employees:

Get Custom Pricing

No. At the price mentioned above you get licenses for all your employees.

Absolutely! We offer a trial for a period of 14 days.

Sure. This should hardly be an issue. We could easily revise our agreement.

Your data remains your property for eternity. At no point of time do we capture or store your business data. In fact, the only thing you will not be able to use is the Hubfly Intranet Skin and the features we gave you. As usual, all your data resides in your Office 365 tenant that you have subscribed from Microsoft.

Absolutely not! Your data is stored in your Office 365 tenant (Microsoft).

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