Employee Recognition

Genuine Praise is Worth a Thousand Gifts

Gone are the days when employee motivation had a price tag on it. In fact, employees these days dislike the idea of gifts. Instead, they prefer being acknowledged for a job well done. Genuine praise boosts employee morale and positively reinforces employee engagement.

Prompt Recognition provides Instant Gratification

In the era of Snapchat and Instagram, good work needs to be recognized then and there. Timely appreciation ensures instant gratification and promotes employee loyalty.

  • "Recognition can be an invaluable source of motivation and subsequently inspire people to do their best work." - Jeff Weiner, CEO, LinkedIn
  • "41% of companies have seen improved customer satisfaction with Peer-Peer review."- Globoforce Research Finding

Is there an attitudinal Shift? Why?

One-third of the US workforce comprises of millennials and Generation Z and they are quickly catching up. (Pew Research) Born in the time of plenty, they don’t care about the $20 gift certificate! They don’t want to wait for the quarterly report for you to tell them how much money you are spending on their incentives. They just want you to recognize their eorts and be sincere with your compliments.

Hubfly: A Medium to Express Your Appreciation

Hubfly’s platform is a medium for you to express your appreciation for good work. If you are a manager who wants to recognize your team member or an employee looking to acknowledge a colleague’s efforts, our tool is there for you.

Engagement Score

Acknowledge Engagement through Gamification

Gamifying the contributions helps employees to engage more there by creating a competitive workplace.

Instant Gratification through Badges and Cards

Instantly acknowledging employees instils a sense of achievement & inspires employees to perform better.

Engagement Badges
Employees Spotlight

Put employees in the lime light

Highlighting employees in Leaderboards and personalized acknowledgments through Spotlights helps increase employee satisfaction.

Recognizing your co-workers

Allow employees to recognize each other. Build an engaged, motivated and committed workforce.

Employee Recognition
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