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One way communication doesnt work anymore. Unleash the real power of three way communication.

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Engage Employees through instant Recognition

Enable your employees with a social platform to engage better and motivate them through instant recognition.

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Where do we come from?

SharePoint Experts

Hubfly started off as a team of SharePoint Experts building Intranets for Office365 users. Building the Intranet from the ground up, we covered many of SharePoint’s blind spots. Adding new content and updating existing content became easier with our Ready-to-use Intranet

User Friendly Intranets

The user friendly Intranet also reduced the learning curve of the admin. This meant any non-technical person could be the admin of the Intranet.

Internal Communication and Employee Recognition

Intranets overloaded with features without addressing the real time problem of Employee Recognition and Internal Communication became obsolete. That is why our customers use our Intranet to drive employee engagement by prompt employee recognition and measured employee communication.

There is no one-size-fit-all

Every business looking for a SharePoint solution has a different use case. That is why we offer Consulting Starter Pack alongside our product completely free of cost. This will include:

  • Branding implementation
  • Go-Live Support
  • Train the Trainer Sessions
  • Deployment

In some cases, clients do request add  hours of consultation. That is why we have extensive Consulting delivered by an expert team which can rival the best in the SharePoint space.

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Glimpses of our Employee Engagement platform

Brands that Believe in Us

  • Meridian International Center
  • Jefferson Memorial Park
  • Quadrasystems
  • Power Centre
  • JS Auto Cast Foundry
  • Dynamatic Technologies
  • Rathinam Educational Institutions
  • ManidhaNaeyam Academy
  • Indoshell Cast
  • Purple Ironing

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